What is Distance Reiki Healing?

Distance Reiki is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables a therapist to give a Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space. It expands the practitioner’s ability to transmit healing Reiki energy beyond physical touch, as they tune into their client from a distance.

In other words, it’s a way to offer Reiki without the therapist and recipient being in the same room.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is one of the most ancient healing techniques known to man, although it only became known as Reiki as a result of the work of Mikao Usui in the 1920s. According to the inscription on his memorial stone, Usui taught Reiki to over 2000 people during his lifetime and all Reiki therapists are Reiki descendants of those original pupils.

It’s based on the principle that illness and disease are the result of impairment to the natural flow of life energy. The purpose of Reiki is to reinstate the balance and flow of this energy through the body. During a Reiki treatment the therapist channels the Reiki energy through their hands, into the receiver’s body (via a conduit in the case of Distance Reiki), with the objective of enhancing the body’s natural ability to restore balance and harmony and soothe.

Although a less well-known and less ‘mainstream’ therapy than some others, Reiki is generally much-loved and respected by those who practise it and those who receive it. Clients report feelings of deep relaxation and calm at the end of their sessions.

What does it involve?
If we don’t already know each other well, I’ll need you to email me a photo of yourself and send a few lines about who you are, how you’re feeling and where in your body you’re feeling it most.  If I already know you this isn’t necessary.
I’ll contact you on the day of your session to check that we’re still going ahead and confirm the time.
At the agreed time (or just before) create a nice relaxing space for yourself and lie down. Preferably not the bath though, in case you fall asleep!  Dim the lights, light a candle or incense or use essential oils if that’s your thing.
I will start channelling the Reiki at the start of your session time. Everything I’ve read and know about Distance Reiki suggests that the session should be around 30 minutes long and this has been confirmed by the clients I’ve already treated, who have reported becoming restless after 30 minutes.  I was keen to offer a similar length treatment to hands-on Reiki but for whatever reason that seems too long.  I suspect that Distance Reiki is more concentrated (it certainly takes far more concentration!).  In a way that makes sense given that Reiki Ted (the conduit I’ll be using) is so much smaller than a human!  I would recommend setting a quiet alarm or a light tap on the door when your 30 minutes is up.  This is because some people have reported that they lie wondering when it’s over, rather than gently coming round from their treatment and staying relaxed.
How much does it cost?

For many people, including me, these are financially uncertain times. For that reason, the deal is as follows:

Full income clients

If you still have your usual income coming in you pay me what you would normally pay me for your session.  New clients can find the price list here.

Partially waged clients

If your household income has been significantly impacted and this is seriously affecting your ability to cover your bills, you pay me half what you would normally pay me.

Unwaged clients

If your household income has dropped to zero, you pay me nothing, BUT you pledge to do something kind for someone who needs it.

For every full price treatment I give, I will give one half price and one free session.  So, the more paying clients I have, the more I’ll be able to help people who are struggling financially.

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