If you have any questions at all regarding the therapies we practise and how they may be of benefit to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our FAQs page is a great place to find the answers to the most common queries we receive and you can contact us using the details below.

Please note that as we’re with clients during clinic hours, we are rarely able to answer the phone in person. We will always respond to messages left at the earliest opportunity.


The Old Surgery
4a Green Road

We are entirely based in this recently renovated old doctor’s surgery in Meanwood.

For Reflexology or Reiki with Sue, call or text 07884 432 214 or email: sue@leedshealing.co.uk
For Hypnotherapy or Reiki with Jamie, call or text on 07874 309787 or email: jamie@leedshealing.co.uk

Payment options: Please visit our price list page for details of accepted payment methods

Location: The Old Surgery is opposite the pedestrian entrance to Waitrose supermarket. If you are standing outside Waitrose (with your back to it) and look across the road, you will be facing a pair of old semi detached houses. The right hand side of the property is Maria’s Cafe and we are in the old GP surgery next door to the left. We have a blue sign, tall black railings and there is also a large Sycamore tree outside the property with a bus stop to the left of it. You enter The Old Surgery by going through the open gate on the left and up the side of the building on the path to the porch. There is a buzzer entry system with clearly marked buzzers.
Parking: There are several car parks nearby in Meanwood. The closest is to the rear of the shopping centre which is on the same side of the road as The Old Surgery (access off Church Avenue).  Please don’t be put off by the fact that it looks like a loading bay! Drive round as far as you can go and you’ll find a footpath through to Green Road which comes out to the side of The Old Surgery.  Alternatively (and recommended if you’ve a late evening appointment) you can park in one of the parking bays outside the front of the shopping centre.  There are no parking restrictions in either location.  You can also park in Waitrose car park for up to 2 hours.
Public transport: The no. 51 bus will drop you off on Green Road.  No. 52 will drop you off a little further up Stonegate Road.
Because we work with dogs and have therapy dogs on-site, The Old Surgery is a dog friendly space which welcomes clean and well behaved dogs.


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