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The most frequently asked questions are answered here, but if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

What are your clinic opening hours?
  • Monday        10am – 8pm*
  • Tuesday        10am – 8pm*
  • Wednesday  1.45pm – 8pm*
  • Thursday      10am – 8pm*
  • Friday            10am – 5pm*

* Please be aware that I currently have very limited evening availability because my diary tends to be booked up with regular clients receiving ongoing treatment. Over the summer months I have slightly more weekday daytime availability than usual, so at the moment I should be able to accommodate appointment requests within a week or two, depending on how flexible you can be

During opening hours I’m often busy with clients so I can’t always get back to you as quickly as I’d like.  I do my best to respond to messages on the day I receive them, but sometimes it may be early the following working day when I’m working late into the evening. Any messages or emails received outside of my clinic opening hours will be responded to on my next working day

When should I arrive for my appointment?

I always try to allow a small gap between clients but during my busier periods this isn’t always possible.  If you arrive late I won’t be able to extend your session to the detriment of my next client.  Similarly if you arrive early I may well already be with someone, so please respect their time and be patient as I will never cut treatments short unless it’s in the interests of the client I’m with

On most occasions I’ll be able to buzz you into the waiting room 5 minutes before your appointment and will come out and meet you in the waiting room at your appointment time. If you arrive any earlier you are likely to disturb the treatment of the person before you, so you might like to take advantage of the many cafes we now have in Meanwood to avoid this

How many sessions will I need?

This is a very difficult question to answer because everyone responds differently to complementary therapies.  The most important thing is that you enjoy the therapy.  I’ve included some guidelines here but please be assured that I will never pressurise you to re-book after your first session

If you are looking for the therapy to help you with a specific issue I would always recommend a course of at least 5 sessions to see whether the therapy is likely to help you.  With reflexology specifically it’s unlikely that one session will bring about a lasting change, but the effects seem to be accumulative so after 5 or so you should notice a real change if it’s going to work for you.  For fertility reflexology I usually recommend seeing me weekly for at least 2 menstrual cycles

For maintenance and general well-being I would normally recommend monthly sessions

I’ve written a blog post about this subject and you can read it here

Where is your clinic?

My clinic is in The Old Surgery, 4a Green Road, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4JP

For map, directions and parking advice, click here

How much do you charge?

Prices can be found on individual therapy pages



Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Indian Head Massage

What qualifications do you have?


Please visit my about page to find out more about my qualifications and experience

Do you sell gift vouchers/take third party bookings?

Over the years I’ve discovered that people like to choose their therapist (and therapy) themselves; it’s a very personal choice and not one that can generally be made for them.  For this reason I only offer gift vouchers or take third party bookings if the recipient has already enjoyed at least one treatment with me previously (there are obvious exceptions regarding third party bookings, eg. children).  For existing or previous clients I’m happy to offer e-vouchers for specific therapies or for monetary amounts (in multiples of £5) tailor-made to your specific requirements.  If you’d like to order an e-voucher just let me know what you’d like, transfer your payment into my account, and I’ll email it off to you (or whoever you’d like me to send it to) the same day*.  If you give me the name of the person the voucher is for, they don’t even need to print it off and present it on the day of their appointment

My bank details can be found under ‘how do I pay you?’

*or the next working day if the payment arrives outside of my clinic opening hours

Do you offer discounts/concessions?
Block booking discounts are available.  I offer a 10% discount for clients who book and pay for 5 x 1 hour sessions in advance.  This reduces the charge to £36 per session for Reiki and £40.50 for Reflexology.
Concessions are also available for people in receipt of certain benefits.  Please contact me for more details
What might happen after my treatment?

Treatment aftercare advice can be found here

Can reflexology help foot problems?

Although reflexology is generally performed on the feet, it’s not necessarily helpful for foot problems.  I have sometimes noticed a reduction in verrucas and corns on the feet of regular clients over time, and it can leave your feet feeling great, but if you have structural problems with your feet then you’re probably better off seeing a podiatrist or your GP

Which of your treatments would be best for me?

There are no hard and fast rules about which therapy might best meet your needs.  What I usually suggest is that you try the therapy you most like the sound of first and see if it’s the one for you

How do I pay you?

You can pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer

Most people have internet banking nowadays and it’s just as easy as, and cheaper than, paying by card (high processing fees for small businesses mean I would have to increase my charges, and I don’t want to do that). Because it’s so easy to forget after your session, all I ask is that you transfer your payment before you arrive for your appointment (for Reiki treatments I will ask for payment at the time of booking), using your name as a reference.  All advance payments are fully refundable up to 24 hours before your appointment time, just in case you need to cancel

My bank account details are:

Susan P Haynes       61692607       40 47 87

What do you specialise in?

I specialise in therapy for fertility, maternity and stress but also work with a number of other conditions

Do you guarantee results?

The therapies I practise may benefit almost anyone and may provide relief for almost any condition.  I can’t and never would however offer any guarantees, as they each work on a very individual level

In addition if I think that a visit to your GP or another type of therapist would better meet your needs, I will always tell you.  Being ethical in my approach is very important to me

What are your cancellation terms?
We’ve all, at some time or another, made an appointment and then something really important has cropped up, or we’ve decided that the time just isn’t right at the moment. I fully accept that this happens, it’s the way of life. In these instances, all I ask is that you respect the value of my time and give me as much notice as possible. If appointments are cancelled at very short notice I don’t have time to book in another client to take your place, which isn’t fair on anyone who may have wanted your appointment slot, or me.  Therefore if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, or fail to arrive, you will be asked to pay the full treatment price. I operate a ‘two strikes’ policy for clients who fail to arrive or cancel very late in the day, regardless of cancellation payment.  Whilst my cancellation policy compensates me for my time and lost earnings, it doesn’t help a client who might have wanted/needed an appointment with me and been turned away unnecessarily.
Can I claim for my session(s) through my health cash plan?
As a member of the Association of Reflexologists and CNHC, if your particular health cash plan covers Reflexology then yes, you can.  Some plans will also cover you for Reiki and Indian Head Massage, but I don’t pay for professional membership for these two therapies as well, so please check with your provider first. Just ask me to give you a receipt when you pay
Do you work with children?
Yes I’m always happy to work with children and do have a current DBS certificate.  I’m also trained in baby and toddler reflexology. Depending on their age, children tend to need shorter sessions and different approaches to adults.  With this in mind I’m always happy to consult with you and tailor-make a solution that is likely to be best for your child.  Charges for children will depend upon the approach we decide to take
How do I book?
If you’d like to book an appointment with me then you can either call or email me, whichever suits you best.  Please do bear in mind though that I’m with clients for most of the day so if you call I probably won’t be able to answer the phone.  If you leave me a message I will always call you back.  If you are only able to make evening appointments then it would be great if you could include that in your message/email, just so that I can get back to you with some options that are most likely to work for you
Will I need to get undressed?

You will be fully or predominantly clothed for all treatments. For Indian Head Massage only your upper back is exposed, and you will be provided with a towel to wrap around yourself. It is possible to do Indian Head Massage fully clothed, but in my experience it’s more pleasurable if scented oils are used

Is your therapy room accessible?

Yes, The Old Surgery has an accessible entrance and toilet facilities.  Please ask me about your parking options

Do you offer mobile treatments?

No I am 100% clinic-based.  I can however recommend my colleague Leanne Teague for mobile Reflexology treatments.  If you’re on Facebook you can find her here or you can call her on 07707046533

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