Woodland Meditation for Relaxation

Meditation and Woodland


Welcome to my first recorded meditation, and my first post in a good few weeks. It was inevitable that work and recent events would take priority over these updates, but here is an opportunity to rectify this. I hope that my voice and my guided meditation will provide you with a few moments of comfort.

Unprecedented and Testing Times

It has been a strange, disconcerting and very difficult time for many people. The current situation, affecting people worldwide, is likely to be getting some of you down. And of course, we’ve all had more time to sit and think, and… well, agonise. Sometimes it can feel helpless, but of course all is not lost. There is always hope, and most of us in the UK have access to food, water and basic hygiene.

While many will feel frustrated, there are plenty of ways we can help others less fortunate than us. However, it is important to recognise our own personal needs and address these first. You’ve probably heard all the usual advice by now: ‘Social Distancing’ (self-isolating if needed), getting regular exercise (at least one walk a day), and taking breaks from the news and social media. All of these can really help.

Meditation for Relaxation

I’ve found getting outside for a change of scenery to be very helpful, but not everyone can do this. So, here is the first episode in my new series of meditations, designed to help you relax and forget about your worries, at for a little while. It’s a light introduction to meditation, themed to the outdoors and nature. There are some gentle sounds of woodland birdsong which, I hope, add to the atmosphere. So, make yourself comfortable and click the ‘play’ button. The video player is just below.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for listening and I hope to see you next week.


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