Anyone can feel stressed at times. Stress is a common factor at work. It can badly affect our personal lives, and we all manage it differently. Some people make real achievements when pressurised, whilst others find it difficult to get motivated.


A bucketful of stress

The stress bucket was full but has tipped over. Rest and relaxation do help with this.

Stress bucket; once overloaded but now relieved.

It’s easy to see what’s happening with our stress if we picture the mind as a bucket. The bucket gradually fills during the day. When we sleep, the bucket tips and some of its contents drain away. This is why we sometimes wake up in the morning with a better perspective about the previous day. 

But if the stress bucket is already full it keeps getting topped up. This makes it harder to deal with even the smallest thing.


Hypnotherapy is an effective way to tackle your stress and anxiety. Some people see it as being similar to guided meditation. Hypnotherapy takes you into a state of deep relaxation, blurring your conscious and unconscious minds.

I will work with you using various tried and proven methods. These include positive suggestion; improving your focus and outlook. This all helps to clear your mind of the thoughts you have been processing. It sweeps away the things that caused you to feel so stressed.

Why hypnotherapy? Might counselling be better?

Counselling certainly addresses the issues that are bringing you down, but can sometimes make you feel like you’re going round in circles. Hypnotherapy is different; it’s more of a direct route to the solution. Hypnotherapy concentrates on what you want to happen and works on your mindset. It changes your attitude to the causes of your stress.

Scientific studies show that positive thinking literally rewires the brain. Thinking can reroute the neural pathways. You’ll be less likely to dwell on things and more likely to brush them off. It’ll be easier for you to break the cycle of negative thinking.

How does hypnotherapy work for stress?

Hypnotherapy works by altering undesired patterns of thought. This is achieved by stimulating the left prefrontal cortex of our brains. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for decision making and emotions. The left brain is more active when positive. The right side is more active when negative.

So, in order to be happier, we need to work the left side more, so it overrides the right. This is done by thinking about healthy, positive thoughts and avoiding unhealthy, negative thoughts. This is a practice which becomes easier the more you do it.

We will work together to alleviate your stress

After uncovering the root of your stress, we will agree on your desired goals together. These aims may include how you would like to feel and what you would like to achieve. We’ll defeat the causes of your stress and put it firmly in the past.

I will work with you towards achieving your goals using a few different techniques. I will speak to your unconscious mind which knows all about the real you and will work on whatever is needed to achieve your goal.

Hypnotherapy can improve the way you feel in just three sessions, although everyone responds to it in a unique way. After a number of sessions you will become increasingly relaxed and your confidence will naturally improve. Situations which caused you worry and uncertainty in the past will become much easier.


Self Help Tips

If you don’t feel ready to try hypnotherapy yet, here are some things you can do for yourself:

Keep a journal. It’s helpful to think of the good things that have happened and note them down. You’ll have more than you think

Practise gratitude. Set aside time to reflect on the positive things in your life

Mindfulness and meditation. There are several apps you can use, including Calm and Headspace

Get a change of scenery.  Just going for a walk can help you to get a different perspective; especially if you stop occasionally to appreciate what’s around you

Meet up with a friend for a chat over a coffee; tell them how you’re feeling

Negative thoughts create more stress, so try to focus on the positives in life…

You’ll reap the benefits over time!


Jamie Tregurtha D.Hyp, GQHP — Hypnotherapy & Reiki Healer

m: 0787 430 9787

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