The protocols and procedures listed here are based on current Government mandates and guidelines from my professional associations. Over time these will change and this page will be updated accordingly. If you make an appointment with me, you are agreeing to follow all of these guidelines.

Please note that if you suspect you have Covid-19 or have a positive test within 10 days of seeing me, it’s essential that you let me know so that I can assess the risk and cancel my clients and self-isolate if necessary. 

Appointment slots and social distancing

I’m allowed to see a maximum of four clients per day and my available appointment slots are fixed (please click here for details of my opening hours). This is to give me time to thoroughly clean and air my room between clients, and to minimise client crossover in the building. As The Old Surgery is a shared clinic space it’s not possible to guarantee that you won’t meet another client or therapist as you arrive or leave. If you do meet someone else indoors or outside, please observe social distancing (2m or 1m+ with mitigation).

Please come alone to your appointments. I have a maximum capacity of two people in my room (including me) at any one time and our waiting room is currently closed.

Before your session

If you’re a new client I’ll arrange to phone you before your first appointment to complete your consultation. This will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Alternatively I can email you the form and we can review it when you arrive.

Risk assessments are required to be completed before every treatment and we can do this at a social distance when you arrive.

If you have any reason to believe that you might have the virus, or know that you have been exposed to it in the past 10 days, please cancel your appointment. If you need to cancel as a direct result of Covid-19, my usual cancellation terms won’t apply and your payment can be refunded or transferred.

I am not accepting cash, cheque or card payments, so all payments must be made by bank transfer in advance of your session (or at the time of booking if it’s your first session with me). My bank account details can be found on the appointment confirmation page.

When you arrive

Please note that masks are now mandatory and I won’t be able to treat you unless you wear one, even if you have obtained an exemption. This is because I don’t believe that I can give you the best treatment if I’m concerned about my welfare or the welfare of the clients who follow you.

You won’t be able to access The Old Surgery before your appointment time (or more than 5 minutes after) because our waiting room is closed for the foreseeable future and we are trying to minimise client crossover. For this reason please arrive at your exact appointment time and press my buzzer as usual (I sanitise the buzzer buttons before every client). I will meet you at the front door and let you in so you don’t have to touch any door handles.

Our toilet facilities will also be unavailable to clients except in emergencies. If use of the loo is unavoidable, please let me know so I can clean it immediately after you.

Please arrive for your appointment wearing your own face covering/mask. There is a lidded box just inside my room for you to place your shoes, bags, phones, keys and outdoor clothing in (please keep your socks on). I will replace the lid firmly after you have put your belongings in it and then offer you some hand sanitiser. All containers, and the floor from box to couch, will be sanitised between clients.

During your treatment

It has been made very clear that our first line of defence is ventilation and time, the second is PPE. For this reason my window will have to remain open at all times (I’ve positioned heaters either side of the couch and the heating will be on when the days are cooler, so you should be cozy enough, but please wrap up warm on colder days) and your hands-on therapy time will be limited to 45 minutes (with the exception of the combined treatments which will either be conducted in two separate rooms, or with additional ventilation).

I have been mandated to wear both mask and visor (this is the mask I’m currently wearing). I’ll also be wearing a uniform that will only have been worn inside my room. The clothes and shoes I arrive to clinic in will be removed before I enter and sealed in a plastic box. I am also doing Lateral Flow tests twice a week.

I have done extensive research on the most suitable cleaning products to use and everything that you come into contact with once you walk into my therapy room will have been sanitised with an environmentally friendly anti-viral cleaner or washed with biological powder and finished off in a hot dryer. I have invested in wipeable pillow cases, individual muslin squares and lightweight cotton sarongs (so your legs don’t stick to my couch on hot days!) but blankets and other soft furnishings will be stowed away for the time being. I’ve also been advised to ask you not to bring your own blankets for now.

I know that some clients like to chat during sessions and we can still do that, but I’ve noticed that talking behind a mask and visor does get rather hot and damp at times, so I’m going to try to talk a little less than I normally do in these situations.

After your session

I’m now allowed to provide you with a glass of water at the end of your session but this is completely optional. If you’d rather bring your own water bottle, please do.

We’ll need to book your next session in promptly to maximise your treatment time, so please have an idea of when you’d like to come next before you arrive. You’ll need to bring your own pen if, like me, you still use a paper diary.

I will lower the therapy couch and let you out of my room after I’ve washed my hands. As you leave, please sanitise your hands again.

If you absolutely need to use the loo before you leave, please let me know so that I can clean it after you.

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